Succession Planning

The Keystone Family Business Center wants your business to be your lifestyle, not your life sentence. An important step in making this goal a reality is asking the following question: do you have a wealth protection blueprint in place?

Whether you’re looking to pass down a family business to other family members, developing key employees for ownership or are just looking to sell, we have the experience you need to have a firm plan in place in order to make the transition smooth and seamless.

Successful businesses are managed by smart, forward-thinking owners. These owners understand that succession planning is crucial to keeping their business—into which they’ve poured immeasurable time and energy—running.

A succession plan, at its surface, is the way a business owner plans to eventually transfer ownership to another party. This can take on many forms and can go in a variety of directions. It involves answering a series of questions over time with the assistance of advisors from multiple disciplines.

A solid plan also requires intricate tax planning and assigning the assets and wealth the company has accumulated at the time of the owner’s departure.
Planning for a smooth succession can be a great way to refresh and reposition your business for continued future growth. It allows you to move on and focus forward while ensuring that your business continues in the manner you wish.

The Keystone Family Business Center is available to partner with you during this critical time of planning. In fact, this is where our true passion lies. We remove the guess work. By taking an in-depth look at the business you’ve built, we are able to give honest advice regarding the readiness of you and your business for this important transition.

We understand that every owner has different aspirations and different needs; because of this, our process is tailored to help you determine what a successful transition means to you…and to assist you in obtaining that success. We make it our mission to provide the advice (personal, professional and legal) and resources you need to make the transition smooth and even exciting.

We firmly believe the old adage that “failing to prepare is preparing to fail,” and strive to help you avoid that. Our goal is to provide clear, honest advice that leads you in the direction that you’re aspiring to achieve.

Contact us today for details and allow us to partner with you during this time. Keep it simple; trust the Keystone family Business Center for your succession planning needs.